2017 SCC Conference

Working Lunch Interest Group Summary

“Sustainability as Community”

“Community” was used in different ways – community of students, community of faculty, community as a place where sustainability and learning happen.

Recognized need – local governments, non-profits, and others need the expertise that universities have in abundance.  The question is how they can access that expertise to address sustainability challenges?

Universities have a desire for greater community engagement (Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement) and they are increasingly emphasizing sustainability in the curriculum for their students.  Active learning strategies such as community-based projects have been demonstrated to enhance student learning about sustainability.  So how do we effectively marry community engagement and sustainability? What are the models that work?  How do we formalize and institutionalize these arrangements? How do we sustain these efforts over time?

There is also an Increasing emphasis on on-line courses and on-line degree programs and this presents a new twist and a new challenge – how do we integrate community engaged scholarship for sustainability in an on-line context?  Ultimately, we raised more questions than we answered!