What is SCC’s process for Online Cohorts?

With our Online Cohorts, SCC is pioneering a proprietary modular process that offers sustainability educators a quick and credible means to become conversant with a specific aspect of pedagogy, content (basic core topics or emerging trends), and/or leadership skills to keep pace with important developments in education for sustainable development (ESD), as well as to develop a useful work product to support teaching sustainability in the college classroom.

Our innovative approach to Online Cohorts will be utilized for “deeper dives” into specific topics over a 6 to 8 week period than would be possible in a typical 90 minute webinar.

Our Online Cohort process combines the following four components into an integrated mini-course:

    • key background readings identified by session leaders,
    • expert-led webinars on the web-based GoToWebinar platform,
    • interactive follow-on peer-to-peer discussions on Collaborase™, our online collaboration platform, and
    • the co-creation of a cohort deliverable by all participants for their exclusive use

Individuals and/or small teams from different institutions – ideally 15 to 20 participants – opt in to SCC online cohorts to pursue a “consortium approach.” The participants in the cohort share the costs and share the benefits. Costs are shared in the form of a reasonable participation fee. At the outset, all participants agree to a shared understanding of the group’s goals and commit to engage in the full cohort process with best efforts and in agood faith.

All participants will benefit from the expertise of the group leaders, the follow-on peer-to-peer exchange, and individualized attention. Importantly, participants will share in the co-created results, i.e. deliverable(s), of the process. The initial use of these deliverables will be strictly limited to the cohort participants.

The form of the deliverable is determined by the participants themselves with guidance from the session leaders. The co-created product might be a synthesis document, a set of learning outcomes, a syllabus or module, or a PPT deck to present to colleagues at your institution.

For further information on SCC Online Cohorts please contact <ira@curriculumforsustainability.org>