Our Mission, Vision and Perspective

The Sustainability Curriculum Consortium ™ represents an opportunity to fill a gap within the sustainability movement in higher education. Essentially, we sense that faculty professional development and curriculum development in this area have lagged behind other university initiatives in areas such as carbon/climate impact reduction, environmentally-conscious purchasing, and campus greening.

Even among Environmental Science and Environmental Studies faculty, there are ambiguity and conflict about what sustainability means, the complexity it embraces, and what its pedagogy should encompass. When comparing the language and practice of sustainability in academia with those of our counterparts in policy and industry, we perceive there has been a slow rift in the last decade, one that faculty and curriculum development can uniquely (and must immediately) address.

While goal tracking systems, institutional pledges, and other steps have accomplished much and should continue, more is needed to shift the sustainability paradigm in higher education. Specifically, institutions and their academic sustainability leaders — deans, directors and faculty —  are seeking a responsive and cohesive entity that can address the professional development and curriculum development needs of a dynamic, diverse, and intellectually rich community that is being called to step up to serve the greater global good.

We envision a consortium that builds our collective capacity as educators and change agents, along with the administrators and stakeholders who can support them, to improve the ways sustainability is perceived, modeled, and taught; that serves as a generator of principles, practices, and shared resources, to move the “education” component of higher education sustainability up to and beyond campus operations.

We know there are sustainability champions willing to share their resources of knowledge, passion, and skills; recognizing the power of curriculum and professional development in sustainability education, we invite them to enter into collegial relationship with us and regain the momentum.