AASHE 2019

SCC Director Ira Feldman and SCC Advisory Council member Krista Hiser at AASHE 2019 Spokane

SCC organizes workshop at University of Monterrey (Mexico)

The Sustainability Curriculum Consortium partnered with Professor Ashwani Vasishth (Ramapo College of New Jersey) and the University of Monterrey (UDEM), Mexico, over the summer to deliver a two-day workshop geared toward assisting faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds with the task of infusing sustainability into their existing disciplinary courses.  61 faculty members and department heads attended the workshop, with the intention of integrating sustainability into syllabi they had brought with them to the workshop.

The first day of the workshop was used by Ashwani Vasishth as a level-setting opportunity, to make sure everybody’s understanding of sustainability was on a par.  The second day was spent actually working on specific syllabi faculty had brought with them for this purpose. Subsequent to the workshop, an email group was established to allow faculty to more freely communicate–with one another and with Ashwani.  A follow up meeting is tentatively planned for the Spring Semester.

UDEM’s Sustainability Project Coordinator, César Alfredo Nanni De Valle, reported that “the workshop we held at UDEM in collaboration with SCC was a perfect space for faculty from different areas and backgrounds to express their concerns regarding the social-environmental issues. But more importantly, to get ideas on how to incorporate them into their syllabi. Ashwani´s experience and knowledge on how to integrate sustainability into the curriculum were delightful, sharing with faculty ideas and examples. Also, having Ira Feldman online gave faculty a broader image on how sustainability in the curriculum can develop relevant competencies in our students. At the end of the workshop, faculty earned tools to transform their courses, more connected to the actual situation, and more attractive for students to learn due to the connection to relevant issues.”

To explore how the SCC team can assist your sustainability program with a workshop or other capacity-building activity, please contact Ira Feldman <ira@curriculumforsustainability.org>.

Next stop: Spokane

SCC at the 2019 AASHE Conference in Spokane
October 27-30, 2019

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) is a proud AASHE member. We have worked closely with AASHE over the years, including several co-sponsored webinars on curriculum and pedagogy and multiple presentations at SCC’s Faculty Conferences by faculty representing AASHE’s Sustainability Across the Curriculum Centers. SCC has pledged to continue to work closely with AASHE on curriculum and pedagogy topics, and AASHE’s Julian Dautremont Smith is a member of SCC’s Advisory Council. SCC is especially well-positioned to help the AASHE Centers build capacity and support their regional activities. We do not compete, we collaborate.

SCC has had a presence at the last five AASHE Conferences and we will be there again this year in Spokane. AASHE has granted SCC an agenda slot on Tuesday the 29th at 12:45 PM for an SCC meet-up. Please join us in Room 102C to network with other SCC participants and learn more about our upcoming plans. And we are always looking for folks interested in presenting a webinar or leading an online short course cohort for SCC. Bring your best ideas and let’s discuss!

We recognize that at every AASHE conference there are always conflicting sessions and tough choices, so if you cannot join us for the SCC meet-up, please contact SCC Managing Director Ira Feldman <ira@curriculumforsustainability.org> in advance to schedule a time to connect over the three days (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) in Spokane.

Ira Feldman is also paired with Dann Sklarew of George Mason to present “Teaching to the SDGs: Experience and Resources for Business & Sustainability Curricula” on Monday the 28th at 11AM in Room 102A. Please stop by to introduce yourself!

We have scrutinized the full conference agenda to identify those sessions likely to be of interest to faculty and relevant to curriculum. We hope our guide to these sessions (see below) will help you plan your AASHE Conference experience.
SCC’s guide to curriculum-oriented sessions
at the 2019 AASHE conference

(We wish we could attend them all!)
Sunday 10/27
1:30 Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum work session (invitation) 201A
1:30 Leading with Circular Economy workshop (Bangert, Stanford) 205

Monday 10/28
8:30 Basic Sustainability Co-curricular (Nanni, UDEM) 102D
8:30 SDG Based Course Inventory (Postma, U. Toronto) 101
9:15 Living Labs (Wilson, UNH) 401A
9:15 Educating for Circular Economy (DeSoto, Virginia Tech) 101
9:15 Teaching Sustainable Economics (Lindo, U. Hawaii) 102A
11:00 Management Education for Sustainability (Goodstein, Bard) 101
11:00 Teaching to the SDGs (Feldman & Sklarew, George Mason) 102A
2:00 Catalyst: Sustainability General Curriculum (Reznikova, Ripon) 102C
2:00 Sustainability Across the Curriculum: National Inventory (Lyons, Dickinson) 102A
2:45 Envisioning Sustainability After… (Morgan, West Chester) 300A
2:45 Sustainability Skills Employers (Bookhart, Hong Kong Science & Tech) 101
4:45 Paul Hawken’s Drawdown (Talkington, Fort Hays State) 102C
4:45 Centers for Sustainability Across Network networking (invitation) 102B
4:45 HEASC 14 Higher Education Associations (Korsh & Rowe) 302B

Tuesday 10/29
8:30 Personal Sustainability (Fisher, College of Charleston) 300D
8:30 Transdisciplinary Education (Evans, Colorado Mountain) 102C
8:30 Transition Campuses (LeVasseur, College of Charleston) 300B
9:15 Sustainability Literacy (Fisher & LeVasseur, College of Charleston) 102C
12:45 SCC meet-up (Feldman) 102C
12:45 Learning Outcomes (Middlecamp, Wisconsin-Madison) 102A
12:45 SDGs and SDSN (Fox & Lynch) 102D
2:00 Co-Creating Sustainable Economy (Fernando, Dayton) 102A
2:45 Climate Anxiety (Hiser, U. Hawaii) 300D
2:45 Research Findings from SEPN-Canada (Murray, Saskatchewan) 102B
2:45 Role of Higher Ed in Circular Economy (Webster & O’Donnell, Ellen MacArthur Foundation) Conference Theatre
4:00 Bill McKibben keynote, Hall C

Wednesday 10/30
8:30 Sulitest Workshop (Rowe) 402A
The full AASHE agenda is available at:

AASHE 2018

Key Competencies in Sustainability:
Overview and Next Steps


Peter Walker
Dean, Chatham University

Katja Brundiers
Research Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Ira Feldman
Founder & Managing Director, Sustainability Curriculum Consortium

Rod Parnell
Coordinator of Academic Sustainability & Professor, Northern Arizona University

Wed, 10/3: 9:15 AM  – 10:15 AM
The Panel-discussion is part of a nationwide process to solicit feedback on an initiative with the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE). The goal of the initiative is to develop an overview of the landscape of key competencies in sustainability across higher education institutions. Over the last couple of months, members of the NCSE initiative have engaged in listening sessions across the country to learn how higher education institutions employ key competencies in sustainability to develop sustainability curricula on the level of courses/programs and how they arrived at formulating learning outcomes for courses/programs, considering the different groups involved across a school or even university. The panel will report back what they have heard during these listening sessions and offer their initial lessons learned for discussion with the audience. The goal of the discussion with the audience is to solicit feedback on two questions. First, how can key competencies in sustainability help guide curriculum development and administration of sustainability degree programs? Second, how could shared understanding around such competencies-based approaches and learning outcomes help ensure high quality standards across sustainability programs in higher education?

Audience Engagement
This panel is designed as a public engagement event to invite feedback and ideas on an initiative with the National Council for Science and the Environment. Panelists will provide 3 short presentations reporting what they have learned from previous public engagements related to key competencies in sustainability. At least 30 minutes will be dedicated to discuss questions and ideas from the audience as the audience’ input will be used to shape the direction and next steps of the initiative.

Key Competencies in Sustainability:
Curriculum and Program Development

Post-conference workshop 10/5


Ira Feldman
Founder & Managing Director, Sustainability Curriculum Consortium

Katja Brundiers
Research Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Rod Parnell
Coordinator of Academic Sustainability & Professor, Northern Arizona University

Every year, new sustainability degree programs are launched at colleges and universities across North America, joining a global trend of sustainability degree programs offered at higher education institutions worldwide. This raises important questions for the field of sustainability in higher education related to quality and standards, processes of program development and administration, and communicating the skills and abilities sustainability graduates have to potential employers. In early 2018, the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) launched a process focusing on ‘key competencies’ in sustainability degree programs in collaboration with the Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) and NCSE member institutions, including the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University (ASU) and University of Northern Arizona (NAU). The goal of this initiative, through workshops, dialogues and other activities, is to create a ‘Consensus Statement’ on sustainability competencies. This workshop, led by members in this initiative from NCSE, SCC, ASU and NAU, is an opportunity to inform about the initiative’s progress to date; to further explore the above questions; and, to invite workshop participants to contribute their experiences and insights to a shared and growing body of knowledge around key competencies in sustainability degree programs. Workshop participants will share the learning outcomes of their courses/curricula and compare these with each other and with key competencies in sustainability. On this basis, the workshop will identify lessons learned for the future development of key competencies in sustainability and formulate next steps for the initiative, including what would be useful support structures for institutions to support development and administration of sustainability programs in the field.

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