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John D. Wood

John Wood is Founder and Executive Director of Econautics Sustainability Institute (ESI) and is engaged in advising corporate clients, publishing research, and hosting faculty workshops.  A graduate of NYU Law School, John has authored two books, FOUNDATIONS OF SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS: THEORY, FUNCTION, AND STRATEGY (Wiley, September 2014) with Dr. Nada R. Sanders, and, THE ROLE OF LEGAL COMPLIANCE IN SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAINS, OPERATIONS, AND MARKETING (Business Expert Press, August 2014).  He is presently affiliated with Lasell College in its Department of Environmental Studies where he is  responsible for teaching courses “Green Business” and “Environmental Economics.” John’s lectures feature interactive, multi-media, and inverted classroom pedagogical methods.
John has distilled the importance of teaching sustainable business as follows:  “The notion that social responsibility and environmental stewardship do not belong in business could not be further from the truth. The related argument that corporations exist solely to maximize profit is legally, theoretically, and morally incorrect. Sustainability should be taught by business faculty across the curriculum because it is essential strategy in the twenty first century. Sustainable business practices ensure resilient supply chains, reduce waste, enhance operational efficiency, tap into key marketing stakeholders, shore up employee engagement, reduce enterprise-level risk, and avoid regulatory penalties. In short, sustainable business is not philanthropy per se, it is enlightened self-interest.”