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Madhavi Venkatesan, PhD

Northeastern University and
Sustainable Practices, Ltd.

Madhavi Venkatesan is an academic economist and environmental activist.  She joined the faculty of the Department of Economics at Northeastern University in 2017 as an Assistant Teaching Professor.  Previously, while a faculty member at Bridgewater State University, she published three economics text books under the series A Framework for Sustainable Practices: Economic Principles: A Primer, Foundations of Microeconomics and Foundations for Macroeconomics.  In 2018, Madhavi traveled to the Philippines as the Fulbright-SyCip Distinguished Lecturer, where her lectures focused on the Economics of Climate Change. In 2019 she published her fourth text, SDG8 – Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work for All, and her forthcoming text, Economics of Sustainability is scheduled  to be published by Springer in late 2020. She is under contract with Routledge to write a text of SDG 12. In 2016, Madhavi established Sustainable Practices, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission “to facilitate a culture of sustainability as defined by reducing the human-made impact to the planet and its ecosystems” within Barnstable County, Massachusetts and is the organization’s executive director. She earned a PhD, MA, and BA in economics from Vanderbilt University, an ALM in sustainability and environmental management from Harvard University, and a MA in environmental law and policy from Vermont Law School.   Madhavi has contributed to the literature on the relationship between culture, sustainability and economics.  Her academic interests include the relationship between economic systems and cultural convergence and the integration of sustainability into the economics curriculum.