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Dr. Michael A. Reiter

Dr. Michael A. Reiter is Professor of Environmental Science at Bethune-Cookman University, where he serves as Chair of the Department of Integrated Environmental Science and Director of the B. J. Moore Center for Integrated Environment  Dr. Reiter is also a principal developer of Combined Ecological-Societal Systems Modeling and the Integrated Assessment and Ecosystem Management Protocol, a combination that meets the need for a truly integrated ecosystem management method; he has received multiple university and national awards for his teaching and research. He is a past President and Counselor for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, Associate Editor for the international journal Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, and co-chair of the Sustainable Human and Environmental Systems Roundtable, a growing effort to establish proposals for the development of interdisciplinary and higher-order environmental courses and programs in colleges and universities. Dr. Reiter has been a PI or Co-PI for over $26 million in funded individual and consortium grants from sources including NOAA, USDA, the DuPont Foundation, and Carnegie-Mellon, has over 40 refereed publications in several different fields of study, and has been invited to numerous countries to present his work (including an opening parallel workshop of the UN Rio+20 summit in Brazil). His goal is to emphasize the importance of making scientifically informed, broadly based decisions concerning present and future environmental concerns, and to help ensure that such broadly trained individuals exist in the near future.