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Minu Hemmati

Dr. Minu Hemmati is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in organisational and environmental psychology. Since 1998, she has been working as an independent advisor and programme coordinator with NGOs, governments, international agencies, women’s networks, research institutions, and corporations. Dr. Hemmati’s work focuses on two areas: multi-stakeholder change processes and research and advocacy on issues around gender and sustainable development. Dr. Hemmati has a wide range of experience in managing multi-stakeholder processes at all levels, making international policy on sustainable development and related issues, and implementing projects in the field, particularly in Africa. With avid teaching experience in the University of Saarbruecken, the Institute for Commonwealth Studies and the University of Wageningen, Hemmati enjoys structuring courses around multi-stakeholder processes, with expertise in facilitating dialogue, societal change, participation, and partnership building.