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Peter Buck

Peter Buck works on academic and outreach programming at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute and is an affiliate faculty in Educational Theory and Policy. He curates The Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability, coordinates special programs and presentations for sustainability, and teaches courses in sustainability, education, and leadership. Peter has communicated widely on sustainability, environmental issues, education, and music in popular and peer-reviewed press including The International Journal of Ethics Education, The Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Practice, Reviews of the National Center for Science Education, International Journal of Illich Studies, the Yale Cultural Cognition Project, and the Rock Ethics Institute’s “Ask an Ethicist.” He was recently named a Pennsylvania speaker for the Bard Center on Environmental Policy’s non-partisan Politics & Environment Education Project. Currently, Peter is working on a number of sustainability-related projects. These include ongoing blogging and development of The Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability as well as work on climate change communication and education, sustainability education praxis, and ecofeminist care ethics for teaching sustainability problem-posing. In October 2015 his first book of poetry, Heartwood, was published by Eifrig Publishing. He also serves as a supervisor in Ferguson Township, as a member of the executive committee of the Sierra Club Moshannon group and loves making up fantasy worlds with his son Sacha, riding his single-speed mountain bike and playing his ESP Horizon guitar