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Peter Soyka

Peter A. Soyka is a prominent environmental/sustainability management and strategy consultant and executive. He is the founder and President of Soyka & Company, LLC, a small consultancy focused on illuminating and resolving the issues limiting sustainable business success. With more than two decades of intensive involvement in the environmental policy and management arena, he brings in-depth knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues and how they affect organizations. Mr. Soyka also has served in executive and director positions at several prominent, national-scale, professional services companies.

He is recognized as a thought leader and developer of significant and influential sustainability concepts, frameworks, tools, and research findings. He is the author of two recent, critically acclaimed books on organizational sustainability, and of scores of published book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, original research studies, training and guidance documents, formal reports to the U.S. Congress, and other materials. Mr. Soyka also offers extensive knowledge of environmental/ sustainability policy making, particularly in the federal regulatory arena. He has on several occasions performed critical analyses of regulatory issues, including proposed rules, that have brought clarity and new facts and perspectives to bear, enabling clients and federal policy makers to develop an improved understanding of how best to resolve often-contentious disagreements over the appropriate course of action.

Currently, Mr. Soyka serves as the Coordinator of E-Enterprise for the Environment (E-Enterprise), a transformative 21st century strategy for rethinking how government agencies deliver environmental protection in the United States. A partnership of the states, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and tribes, E-Enterprise is collaboratively modernizing business processes and driving and sharing innovations across agencies and programs.