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Jennifer Wasco

Jennifer J. Wasco is an assistant professor of nursing and the practice experience coordinator for the nursing programs at Chatham University. She is a doctorally-prepared registered nurse with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Wasco is prepared in the areas of continuing education, process improvement, and project management. She has extensive experience in the deployment of new healthcare technologies and innovations such as a closed-system for the transfer of hazardous drugs to prevent occupational exposure and a technology platform to help healthcare organizations support their population health and patient engagement initiatives. Her doctorate work was focused on the use of technology-based educational materials to improve the rate of influenza vaccinations in a college population. Dr. Wasco’s area of scholarship is focused on public health. Dr. Wasco has a particular interest in climate change and its burden on human health and the engagement of nurses in sustainability and climate leadership. Through innovative quality education initiatives and programming for healthcare providers, it is her hope to improve the health of the world’s people. Recently, she was celebrated as an honorable mention by Pittsburgh Magazine in the category of academia for nursing excellence.