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Tee L. Guidotti

Dr. Tee Guidotti is a physician in occupational and environmental medicine and international consultant and thought leader in occupational and environmental health, risk science, and sustainability. Dr Guidotti’s consulting practice is divided into roughly equally into four “baskets” of work: 1) consulting for problem-solving, particularly on issues of health and sustainability, 2) medicolegal expert services, 3) clinical evaluation and medical review services, and 4) publishing and editing. He consults widely on strategic planning on issues of health and environmental and economic sustainability, occupational health services management, and in his areas of medical and technical expertise. Dr Guidotti is probably best known professionally for his recent work on health issues in environmental sustainability and his expertise and long experience in disease causation, inhalation toxicology, and occupational epidemiology, occupational lung diseases, occupational hazards of firefighters, hazards in the energy sector, air quality, and the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide. In addition to his work as a consultant, Dr. Guidotti remains active in scholarship and teaching in his fields of interest. He teaches, lectures on public health and medicine, and mentors students and young investigators. He writes extensively and speaks frequently, advocating for workers’ health and environmental protection. He is very active in professional leadership in organizations his field and most recently has become an influential voice in science policy.