SCC Webinar

VERGE: the intersection of sustainability and high-tech

Wednesday, March 28 at 2PM Eastern

Elaine Hsieh, VERGE program
GreenBiz Group

As part of its annual year-end survey of influencers and partners, VERGE recently asked the question: What technology or development makes you hopeful for sustainability in the year ahead? Here’s what experts in clean energy, transportation systems and emerging technologies believe could take flight. The rise of the electrification of cars, trucks and buses in combination with an increasingly cleaner power grid was a common refrain among most. Other inspiring market-driven actions in energy, cities, water, buildings and even solutions via emerging tech such as the blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence hold promise in 2018 and beyond. This webinar will explore how, in an interconnected world, technology is accelerating sustainability solutions.
Elaine Hsieh is director of the VERGE program for GreenBiz Group, leading the global event series that focuses on how technology accelerates sustainability solutions across cities and industries, including energy, buildings, transportation, supply chains and agriculture. She has almost 20 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies on sustainability, green building and technology issues. Elaine has a solid technical background with understanding of the energy, construction, biotechnology, education, retail, manufacturing and finance industries. She has been featured in Mashable, Green Economy Post, Reuters, the Guardian and other publications for her social media influence within the green building, business and sustainability communities.

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