SCC Webinar

The Post Carbon Institute’s Community Resilience Reader

Monday, April 30
at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific

Daniel Lerch
Education & Publications Director
Post Carbon Institute

William Throop

Professor of Philosophy & Environmental Studies
Green Mountain College

The Community Resilience Reader combines a fresh look at the challenges humanity faces in the 21st century, the essential tools of resilience science, and the wisdom of activists, scholars, and analysts working with community issues on the ground. It shows that resilience is a process, not a goal; that resilience requires learning to adapt but also preparing to transform; and that resilience starts and ends with the people living in a community. National and global efforts have failed to stop climate change, transition from fossil fuels, and reduce inequality. We must now confront these and other increasingly complex problems by building resilience at the community level. This webinar includes presentations from the editor and a contributing author of The Community Resilience Reader which is already a valuable resource for students, community leaders, and concerned citizens.

Daniel Lerch is Education & Publications Director of Post Carbon Institute, responsible for PCI’s educational efforts on community resilience and energy resource constraints. He has been the lead editor and manager of the Institute’s major books and reports over the last decade, including The Community Resilience Reader (2017) and The Post Carbon Reader (2010). He is also the author of Post Carbon Cities (2007)—the first local government guidebook on the end of cheap oil—and was the founding chair of the Sustainable Communities Division of the American Planning Association and a founding co-director of The City Repair Project. Daniel has delivered over 100 presentations to professional, government, and public audiences across the United States and internationally, and has been interviewed for numerous media outlets including The New York Times and Business Week. He has a Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University in Oregon.

Dr. Bill Throop specializes in environmental ethics, theory of knowledge, and sustainability education. Trained in philosophy of science and epistemology at Brown University, his approach to teaching emphasizes careful analysis of arguments and focused discussion about big cultural questions. Bill served as provost at Green Mountain College for twelve years, during which he helped to build the national reputation of the College for sustainability education and led the creation its graduate programs. At the national level, he served on the board of directors of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) for six years, and was elected chair of the board for his last two years. He has been on the editorial boards of Restoration Ecology and Environmental Ethics. He is currently on the executive committee of Solution Generation, a national network of higher education leaders committed to creating a path to climate solutions.

Recording to be posted.

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