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Thursday, June 7
12:00 noon (Eastern US)

Brooke Suter and
Sustainable Leadership to Thrive

At the upcoming SCC Faculty Conference in Pittsburgh, Brooke Suter will lead a hands-on workshop focusing on on June 25. In advance of that workshop, and for the broader SCC audience, Brooke has also agreed to lead this webinar which will provide a summary of the elements in development, such as the Collaborative platform, Validation Assessment (local and global), Modules (geographic and topical), Quiz, Translations, and Leadership and business model. A global network of researchers is actively pursuing questions related to Sulitest and Brooke is uniquely positioned to report on progress and ongoing activities. Brooke will also share outcomes from the recent 1st Sulitest Global Assembly in Marseilles.
As a state or national director for 20 years, Ms. Suter has worked in 50 states and federally to build diverse coalitions, empower citizens and lead adoption of nationally precedent-setting environment and public health legislation, regulation and incentive-based programs in the United States. Currently, she is: (1) Collaborating internationally on tools for informed public action on the U.N.’s interrelated Sustainable Development Goals (gender, poverty, climate, and more) via; (2) Supporting sustainability systems thinking across coursework, culture and alumni at the Harvard Kennedy School; (3) Integrating MIT’s Theory U into sustainability approaches; and, (4) Launching Sustainable Leadership to Thrive to support both personal and professional sustainability practices. Ms. Suter has received NGO, city and state awards, and is a Guinness Book of World Records record holder.

Video recording available at: <>

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