SCC Webinar

Sustainable Design

Monday, October 30 at 2PM Eastern


Jason Kliwinski
NJIT & Rowan University

Many Universities and Colleges offer classes, minors, majors and even masters in sustainability today. Often these programs are housed under the Environmental Science or other established academic science majors. When thinking about sustainability, we know the built environment has the single largest impact. It consumes over 70% of all electricity, emits 40% of all greenhouse gases, is responsible for 45% of all waste going to landfills, and consumes 12-15% of all potable water. Students in a sustainability program need to understand this impact and ways they can help reduce it in their own lives and work. The challenge in teaching this is that many of the programs in sustainability are not at places where there is a design or construction program and often students as well as faculty have no or very little backround in actual sustainable building design, construction or operations. During this course, we will seek to provide an overview of what makes a building green, resources to assist in developing and teaching content, discuss the triple bottom line of green buildings, and answer any questions or challenges you may have to the best of our ability.

Learning Objectives:

          1. Understand the impact of the built environment
          1. Define what makes a build green
          1. Discuss the triple bottom line of green buildings
          1. Identify available resources and tools for teaching about a green built environment

Jason Kliwinski is founder and Principal of his own architectural firm, Designs for Life, serving commercial, retail, hospitality, higher education and K-12 clients with offices in Pennsylvania, Central New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan serving the Tri-State area. Today Jason focuses on three main areas: green architecture, consulting and educational training. He is adjunct faculty at NJIT and Rowan University. In 2012 Jason was named a LEED Fellow by the US Green Building Council, one less than 400 in the world, which is the highest professional accreditation through peer review of an applicant’s work. Jason co-founded the Green Building Center in 2010 to focus on providing owners, developers, property managers, and real estate professionals a convenient ‘one-stop’ location that brings green consulting, design, construction, products, alternate financing and education together under one roof using a unique integrative project delivery (IPD) approach. Jason is a passionate educator with a vision of creating a culture of sustainability. He has developed curriculum for K-12, higher education and professional development levels on a range of topics since 2006. His curriculum is based in large part on his hand-on work in the green building market that includes carbon neutrality and net zero energy master planning & design, integration of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, use of healthy and environmentally responsible products, water conservation, and improved occupant comfort and performance.

The video recording is available here:

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