SCC Webinar

Sustainability Guidebook for Community Colleges

Wednesday, November 1 at 1PM Eastern


Krista Hiser
University of Hawaii

This webinar will describe the particular challenges and opportunities of teaching sustainability at community colleges. SCC advisory board member Krista Hiser will present a sneak preview of the forthcoming Community College Handbook for Sustainability Education and Operations, followed by Q&A with Bob Franco, president-elect of the Community College Alliance for Sustainability Education (CCASE) and Michelle Wyman, Executive Director of the National Council for Science & the Environment (NCSE). Takeways will include online resources, support, and an understanding of the role of community colleges in sustainability.

Krista Hiser currently serves as the sustainability curriculum coordinator for the ten campuses of the University of Hawaii system. Previously, as the Faculty Outreach Coordinator at Kapi’olani Community College, Krista facilitated the connections between faculty, and Service-Learners and community partners. She organized events such as Service-Learning Faculty Field Trips, Sustainability Institutes, and Faculty Institutes and she was a main contributor during assessments. Her passion for sustainability, service, and education was described as “the perfect ingredient” for the Kapi’olani program. Krista was awarded a Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching by University of Hawaii, recognizing faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness and creativity and personal values that benefit students. “Teaching students to make wise choices, supporting this development with unconditional love, and building on a sound theory of learning, Hiser uses multiple strategies to promote and assess student learning.

The video recording is available here:

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